Philian Brands

According to your travel purpose, we created 3 categories for our hotels, which they would make your holidays even better! The only thing you should do is to choose your ideal vacation type and we would take care of an unforgettable stay.

For every visit to the city, for business or pleasure, the City Hotels offer a unique accommodation with all necessary amenities. Located either at the center, for those wishing to be a breath away from the heart of the city, or in other areas for those who love peace. Pretty rooms with view, simply comfortable or truly luxurious, depending on the requirements of each visitor, provide exactly what you need.


The name of M Hotels is inspired by the word Memories. Smaller and cozy hotels, whose services have nothing to envy of the larger ones. Adorable rooms, attentive and friendly service that makes you feel like home. The peaceful and warm environment create for our guests beautiful, imagery memories.