…Pelion is a magnificent, magic place both for Winter and in Summer holiday…

Pelion is one of the most famous mountains of Greece and belongs to the prefecture of Magnesia. Its uniqueness owes to the combination of mountain and sea. Pelion Mountain, is the mountain with the greatest variety of vegetation in Greece, with forests, beaches and villages of outstanding natural beauty. It is a place where all senses are alert.

It is beautiful and appropriate for all seasons. Guests are able to enjoy many activities such as hiking, horseback riding, skiing, swimming, sea canoeing, diving, cycling, climbing, canyoning, ride the famous Pelion train (steam train), visit historical sites and architectural gems of the region and attend many cultural events organized by local clubs.

Climbing the highest points of the mountain there are beech forests, while the northern Macedonian fir. Below this there is a zone of chestnut. In some villages squares one admires trees several hundred years, truly natural monuments! Pelion consists of 24 villages, which were made during the Ottoman period and with a higher center of trade Zagora.


Kokkinis Pelion

The hotel CHANI of Kokkini is situated at an altitude of 1200 meters in Hania Pelion. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, with magnificent panoramic views.