…The well-known “Bride of Thermaikos” ! Thessaloniki is a unique destination with lots of hidden surprises at the heart of Macedonia…

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece, a city with a great historical past and a unique geographical position. The City was named after ‘Thessaloniki’, Alexander the Great’s half sister. Thessaloniki was a city-port of strategic and commercial importance, during the Roman and the Byzantine years.

Many Roman Empire ruins are still visible in the city, where a visitor can enjoy many museums and churches. Thessaloniki was unified with Greece in 1912, and suffered severe damages during World Wars One and Two.

This city has an extraordinary charm and there are various reasons why you should visit it. Byzantine, roman and Ottoman Monuments, flee markets and streets full of people similar to modern European capitals.

Areas with their own style and history like Ladadika, Aristotelous square, Tsimiski street, Nikis Avenue, ‘Louloudadika’, ‘Ano Poli’, ‘Kalamaria’ and other places that one certainly can not explore in only a few days.

Thessaloniki’s Annual Exhibition and Film Festival are two of the city’s most important events. Seaside cafes, bars, restaurants and the city’s nightlife will offer a sublime experience to the travelers of the city.


Plaza Hotel

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Ladadika Design Thessaloniki

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